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 finally got the code!!!!  Make sure you have your students enter it when the sign up for animoto, it should ask if you have a promo code.  Click and enter the following:  A4Elab62b


Sign up for free/basic. There is a line that says "do you have a promo code"  Click it then enter the code above. Good luck




Period 7:


Video by Nicole Vicino, Lauren Gardner, Pat Kelly, Jenna Gomes, Kristin Jones and Alex Goss


Video by Ailie Steir, Susan Jensen, Sammie Kaplan, Jon Butler, Tanya Marunchak, Pete R



Video by Kaitlyn, Connor, Jimmy and Peter K



Video by Emily, Emilie, Matt, and David



Period 9:


Video by Lauren Klobutcher, Julia Hooker, Emma Thomson, Charlotte Moskowitz, Sabrina Santos



Video by Olivia Artibani, Kellie Nissen, Cara Grattan, and Caroline Alves



Video by Stephanie Duffy, Caitlyn Logan, Lindsay Daniels, Jaime Hanks, Natasha Shah, Jenna Lifhits



Period 9

Video by Hrdy Chin, Dusty Wlod, Erk Iz, Dun Atkins.


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