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Q4 project index

Page history last edited by Charles Forstbauer 12 years, 6 months ago


Q4 projects    100 points in the pile


Human disease research pamphlet  35 pts

Create an informational pamphlet about a particular disease or disorder that affects any of the systems covered in class. Your pamphlet must include:

  • Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

Some possible diseases/disorders



-Ulcerative colitis


-Pelvic inflammatory disease

-DiGeorge syndrome 

Q4Video lectures 20 pts each  Max 4




Vertebrate.  Due before test (Wedensday June 4th).

Biology section 1A lectures 16,17,19-23 & 26    Notes on the lecure TYPED ONLY! Due before the test


Ecology.  due by June 6

Biology section 1B   lectures 15-27

Ecology paper  50 pts

write a 2-4 page paper on a topic in ecology. Topic must be approved by me first. Minimum 3 research sources.

Due by June 6th. 

Chapter 36 & 40 worksheets  15 pts each.

Chapter 40 Immune system  Due 5/28. 15 pts.  After school quiz 5/28 10 questions =10 pt


Chapter 36 Skeletal, muscular & integumentary system. Due 6/4. 15 pts. After school quiz 6/4 10 questions = 10 pts 


Evoke   Only for those who started in Q3 


Reproduction & Developement lecture AFTER SCHOOL. 5/25  2:30 rm 704  15 pts

Miricle of life video  AFTER SCHOOL  5/26  10 pts




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