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Research and Writing Assignments

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Q3 research paper.

Important dates:

Thesis statement: 2/12/10.  I'll check in class.

Initial Bibliography: 2/24/10   Minimum 3 journal sources. Use noodle tools, I'll check online.

Summaries: 2/28/10.    2 of the 3 articles. Look for ones with an experimental section. See rubric below.

Draft: ~3/15 (right after CAPT)  This is the last day that I'll accept drafts. Obviously, if I get alot on this day, I won't get them back right away and you may not have time to rewrite by the final due date.In other words - DON"T WAIT!!!!!

Final:  ~3/21   [100 pts]  Points deducted if deadlines missed.Changed due date 3/23. DDD 3/25 at the beginning of class. Mr F.

Quarter ends 4/9/10.


Rubric for summary.







Appropriateness of source

- Good journal chosen

- Article is about original research

- Article contains appropriate content level

- Good journal chosen

- Article is NOT about original research (may be a summary of original research)

- Article contains appropriate content level

- Popular science journal chosen

- Article is NOT about original research

- Content level is inappropriate

- Inappropriate source (web page, newspaper, etc.)

- Article is NOT about original research

- Content level is inappropriate


- Summary is in own words

- Procedures, results and conclusion are clearly described

- Thoughtful research questions are generated

- Summary is in own words

- Procedures, results and conclusion are adequately described

- Further research questions are generated

- Some of the summary is in own words

- Procedures, results and conclusion are described (description may not be clear)

- General research questions are generated

- Summary is not in own words

- Description of procedures, results and conclusion is confusing

- Research questions are missing or inadequate



Research project #1  Library scavenger hunt. 

Library_scavenger_hunt v5 CF.doc 




Due 10/22

Class ID: 2934607

pswd: farmington


Noodle tools

Mr. Forstbauer

          Honors Bio 7

          Honors Bio 9

Research Database Activity: Part Two

Total Points: 50


Step One: [15 pts] 12/2

1.      Find three articles related to a Biology topic that interests you.  These articles should be from three different science magazines such as: Discover, National Geographic, Scientific American, Nature or Science. (there may be other magazines that are appropriate, check with your teacher BEFORE the due date)


2.      Obtain photocopies of these articles. These cannot be downloaded from the internet.  These magazines can be found in the FHS library, the Farmington Public Library and Tunxis Community College Library.


3.      Bring these articles to class on Wednesday, December 2.  (These can be turned in early if you would like)



Step Two: [5 pts] 12/3

In class, small groups will be evaluating different types of sources.  You will use the checklist provided, as well as the Scholarly vs. Popular Comparison chart that you obtained during your scavenger hunt.  The articles that you bring in may be used as examples of popular journal resources.  Your teacher will provide examples of scholarly sources. 



Step Three:  [5 pts] 12/4

  1. From the popular articles that you evaluated in class select a topic that interests you for further research.
  2. Write an initial thesis statement 

Step Four:  [25 pts]  12/9

  1. You will then use the library resources to research your topic.  Your goal is to obtain two (2) appropriate scholarly sources.
  2. Use Noodle Tools to cite and annotate your two sources.
  3. Write a summary for each article, which will need to be turned in to your teacher.


Step Five: Start writing your paper!!!!!






Research project #2 Started ********. Due **********

Research an approved topic in ***********   and generate 5 good sources.

     Skills: selecting and using databases, using advanced search parameters.

               Evaluating sources.

               Annotating references

               Thesis statement construction


          a) reference list (bibliography) with the first two entries as annotated references. MLA format required. 

          b) Thesis statement.


See wiki and library resources for additional help.



Exceeds 8-10 pt

Meets 5-7

Near 3-4

Below 0-2

Citation appropriateness

Scholarly, understandable

Scholarly, either slightly off topic or not understandable,

Popular but appropriate

Popular, appropriate but not a “good” source i.e. no author etc.


Citation format

5 correct format

5 minor errors in format

5 errors in format, incorrect format.

Less than 5 citations


2  with concise summaries

2  complete summaries

2 unclear summaries

Less than 2 annotations

Thesis topic

Clear statement

Clear but wordy



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