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Q2 projects

Page history last edited by Charles Forstbauer 10 years, 5 months ago


Q2 200 pt pile project list.


Add project name, class period & names here. 




Research extension.   [Up to 40 pts on the pile]

Read the following article:


 Missense and nonsense mutations in melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene of different goat breeds: association with red and black coat colour phenotypes but with unexpected evidences    http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2156/10/47   


and write a summary of procedures, results, conclusions and generate additional reseach questions based on the researc.






- Summary is in own words

- Procedures, results and conclusion are clearly described

- Thoughtful research questions are generated

- Summary is in own words

- Procedures, results and conclusion are adequately described

- Further research questions are generated

- Some of the summary is in own words

- Procedures, results and conclusion are described (description may not be clear)

- General research questions are generated

- Summary is not in own words

- Description of procedures, results and conclusion is confusing

- Research questions are missing or inadequate




Tutorial Fish Tank





 Per. 7 Biology Video: Protein Synthesis

We learn about protein synthesis (translation and transcription) through Lucy the Science Dog and her friend Chef Lauren.


By Ailie Steir, Nicole Vicino, Peter Knapik and Lauren Gardner  40 pts 1/22/10



DNA history video ( too long for youtube.com)  60 pts 1/22/10

Dustin, Dan, Hardy, Eric.



Childrens book. "Little tRNA"  Jamie Hanks   50 pts 1/26/10 


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