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Q1 200 pt pile project index

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The way this works:

  • If you are interested in doing a project claim it by inserting your name(s) below the project description in red.see below
  • If you claim a project and don't do it your point total is reduced by half of the project amount. i.e. don't complete a 40 point project, lose 20 pts and the max you can earn on the 200 pt pile is 180


Project  #members, pts

Project description  blah blah blah blah

Period 7  Billiebob B., Frankie J, Tony S.

Period 7  Tom A, Dick B, Harry C

Period 9  Eva X, Marline D, Angilina J



Possible projects: (feel free to suggest your own!)


Spontaneous generation: Repeat the experiments. 2 people up to 50 pts

Repeat the experiment and write up a lab report.

Period 7 - Ailie Steir, Lauren Gardner



Nitrogen cycle / fishtank   Max 4 people up to 100 pts depending on quality

Research the nitrogen cycle and develop a lesson plan to teach it or write an explanatory paper about the nitrogen cycle using the fishtank as a model


Track the various components of the Nitrogen cycle in the fish tank ( & understand whats going on)


Period. 9 Jaime Hanks, Jen Lifhits, Cara Grattan 



Energy drink experiments  Max 4 per group 50 pts

Design and conduct an experiments to test the claims made by an energy drink.

  • Output: Complete lab report submitted by the group. A complete, researched discussion of ingredients and effects  as well as replicated results.
  • Your group must get your hypothesis and  test methodology approved.

    P. 7 David Kerlejza,Conor Brooks,Jenna Gomes,Jimmy Mulpeter

  • P. 9 Stephanie Duffy, Lindsay Daniels, Caitlyn Logan



MIT lectures Closed. (we already took the test)

MIT lectures Individual (but you can watch them together)  30 pts

  • Watch video and submit complete notes

1-04 Lecture 04_ Biochemistry III.mp4

1-05 Lecture 05_ Biochemistry IV.mp4


You can get these through the iTunes store -->iTunes U -->science --> biology (view all) and look for MIT 7.014 introductory biology. Graham Walker

P.9 Eric Izydorczak 1-04 lecture



Lab documentation  Max 4 per group. Points vary depending on the complexity of the lab. If multiple submissions for the same lab are received, max points go to the best one.

  • Use media to make a stand alone presentation about a laboratory exercise.
  • All elements of the lab must be presented:
    • Theoretical concepts
    • Safety
    • Techniques
    • results
    • Analysis
  • Output should be able to be shown to any of the science faculty and clearly demonstrate the lab.


Other ideas?

terrariums, fish  breeding, lab development,

BREEDING FISH-Emilie Held, Kaitlyn Helfrich, Emily Alves



Informational Video on Enzymes, with explanations, diagrams, and demonstrations.

Dan, Hardy, Eric



Video explaining, showing, demonstrating osmosis, and diffusion.

Eric, Dan, Hardy


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