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Page history last edited by Charles Forstbauer 14 years ago

Welcome to FHS Biology Wiki 


6/6/10 The 200 point pile is CLOSED! No additional work will be counted towards the pile.


The capacity to learn is a gift.
The ability to learn is a skill.
The willingness to learn is a decision

Table of Contents



       Technology Index:

           Google Docs Tutorial Directory                                       



Exam 1 notes index page

Q1 200 pt pile project index 

Test 2 Notes index





Test 3 notes index


 Q2 projects

Test 4 notes index 


Midterm study Guides 


Pre midterm index 



Test 5 Notes Index 


Q3 Projects 2010 

Q3 paper!!

Research and Writing Assignments 


Test 6 notes index





Play for points! (& save the world)



Test 7 notes index page  

Q4 project index  


Test 8 Notes Index 


Test 9 notes  





Ecology - Mostly on the final exam 

Letters of recommendations 

Deadline 10/1/10

LOR Request Form 2010.doc  



Class stuff


Class Policies

QB Point system   

200 pt pile

DiRT Menu

How to write a paper

How to write a lab report

How to research a topic

Visable vs invisable web  (search engines)

Noodle Tools





This site is intended for your use. So first things first...

Wikis are collaborative sites. The information comes from you, the user. If you don't add to it - it's worthless.


I've started creating the technology how-to's but they will need to be edited as we learn more about them. Please correct my mistakes! and add your shortcuts. One's we'll use.



Bio Blog

RSS feeds

Video: moviemaker or imovie

Google docs, presentations & spreadsheets

Digital imaging


The potentially most usefull page will be the class notes page. This is where you put your notes from class, labs and readings. Everybody adds and contributes and you will have killer notes to study from. This is very common in college because it works. Don't be a lurker. Do a little research, find a better description, animation or image and add it in. If you see something thats incorrect or wrong -correct it.



Please read the class policies page.

Show the 'rents around the website.






Free webinars

For tips and tricks on getting started, sign up for one of our free introductory webinars. You can also view a recording of our popular webinar, PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.



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