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200 pt pile

Page history last edited by Charles Forstbauer 12 years, 3 months ago


200  point pile


I’m trying lots of different approaches that I hope will help you learn the material. We are also trying different technologies for collaboration. I realize that not everybody wants, or can do everything proposed. So I’m offering a buffet of possibilities for you to choose from. The goal is to amass 200 points by the end of the quarter from any of these sources. You don’t have to do anything in particular.  You can get your points without doing a project if you want or you can work with someone on the projects. 

If you see a project you want- edit the wiki and add your name.     *point values may change based on the complexity of the projects. We won't know until you start.)*


200 point pile Components


Individual effort.

 Bio blog post you author.  up to 60 pts   http://forstbauerc.edublogs.org/

Check with me about the topic 1st.

These are research papers and you are expected to do research. (see DiRT )

Two scholarly sources minimum. MLA formated reference section

1 -2 pages long .

Email me the draft. I'll post it when it is final.


Bio blog comment on above post.

5 pts for comment

5 pts for MLA references

5 pts for in text citations


Wiki editor.

1-10 pts  pts per substantive addition,  not grammar or spelling.

Graphic only when accompanied by text.


*Collaborative Projects*


There will be a Q1 Projects page for quarter 1 that will list possible projects. Resets each quarter

Points vary based on complexity, quality, group size. 

Generally any lab is a candidate

Any project you propose. We'll talk more about this.....


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